Cycle 9 System

Photo-shoffman.jpg “Cycle 9 continues to help me to this day, making sure that nothing slips between the cracks.”
– Shirley Hoffman, Cancer Council NSW

If you find yourself overwhelmed by complicated, overblown project management methodologies
– there is an easier way.

Ram Education training is based on a simple but powerful agile approach – our proprietary Cycle 9® System.

Organisations worldwide use Cycle 9 to plan and deliver projects in a consistent and efficient way.

Ultimately, Cycle 9 will help you deliver value to your customer – without all the stress.

Cycle 9 cuts through the confusion
and embraces change

Allowing you to learn faster – while arming you with
the skills, tools and confidence to take control of even the most challenging projects from day one.

With built-in scalability, Cycle 9 is flexible to the unique needs of your projects, no matter how large or small.

Cycle 9 is a proven system, incorporating elements of
the most popular global standard project management frameworks, including Agile, PMBOK and PRINCE2.

Get a free taste of Cycle 9 here
How to plan and control your project with confidence.

Free diagram: Cycle 9 »

Free diagram: Cycle 9

Then, book into our project management
2 day fundamentals or 1 day fast track basics to
find out how Cycle 9 can help you take immediate control of your projects.

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