Photo-abond.jpg “Your amazing diagrams have helped me communicate my ideas
back in the office.”
– Andrew Bond, Satori Group

Project management training can often seem unnecessarily complicated.

That’s why we’ve spent years developing and fine-tuning our diagrams to quickly help you understand and communicate what project management is all about.

Below are a few high-resolution samples of our most popular diagrams, which you are free to download and use.

Cycle 9® The simple system to deliver projects
How to plan and control your project with confidence.

Free diagram: Cycle 9 »

Free diagram: Cycle 9

Balancing competing demands
The project managers’ problem solving matrix.

Free diagram: Balancing competing demands »

Free diagram: Balancing competing demands

Project team structure
The roles and responsibilities that gets results.

Free diagram: Project team structure »

Free diagram: Project team structure

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I learned how to keep things simple, which has helped fast track my projects without all the stress.
– Steven Kerlander, Expo Direct
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