Project management: 1 day fast track basics

Project management: 1 day fast track basics
An interactive workshop for anyone involved in projects.
Quickly understand what project management is about. Contribute to your project team with knowledge and confidence. Contact hours/PDUs: 7
We customise this course for in-house groups. Contact us to arrange.Currently, we don't offer a public schedule (for individuals to attend).

“Light bulb moment was realising that 30% of my time is spent
delivering projects.”
– Toby Dawson, Cancer Council NSW
Are you involved in projects or managing small projects?

Do you find yourself swamped by project-related tasks – on top of your everyday work?

If your job is like most, you may be surprised how much time you spend on projects.

Different, deadline-driven work that can sometimes be a major distraction to your main responsibilities.

Little wonder you’re struggling to stay on top of things.

Yet projects require an entirely different set of skills and tools, even a different mindset, to managing your day-to-day work.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Take immediate control of your project work
  • Contribute to your team and your project
    in a more pro-active way
  • Be more assertive in managing your time

It will make a world of difference to your stress levels, your confidence and your project results.

Receive industry recognised training
This course is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide.

View sample course content »

View sample course content

The good news is you don’t need to be a “career” project manager to benefit from methods the experts use.

This course will show you a whole range of smart, simple, proven methods that you can apply to your project work immediately – without all the academic theory.

Perfectly suited for people in the following roles, in any industry:
  • Team leaders/supervisors
  • Operational staff
  • Project team members
  • Project coordinators/administrators
  • Technical experts
  • Business analysts
  • Anyone involved in projects

Stuck in a technical role?
This course is a stepping stone into a management position.

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Download course description for PM 1 day fast track basics

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“I learned how to keep things simple, which has helped fast track my projects without all the stress.”
– Heni Nardjojo, Intelogica

Cut though the confusion and quickly arm yourself with the skills, tools and confidence you’ll need to contribute to any project – and help everyone deliver the goods on time.

Quick start a project
  • Identify project stakeholders
  • Capture stakeholder needs
  • Develop a “one page” brief

Scope a project
  • Identify tasks and phases
  • Develop a design specification
  • Identify measureable deliverables

Plan a project
  • Create a realistic schedule and budget
  • Identify risks
  • Develop a “one page” plan

View sample course content »

View sample course content

Improve team performance
  • Better understand your role
  • Get everyone “on the same page”
  • Prevent miscommunication and re-work

Execute a project
  • Influence decision makers
  • Track and control changes
  • Report progress efficiently

Troubleshoot a project
  • Balance conflicting priorities
  • Identify and resolve problems
  • Get a project back-on-track

Download course description »

Download course description for PM 1 day fast track basics

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“Exceptionally good outline for a complex field.”
– Sam Thorp, Cancer Council NSW
If you’re looking for best-of-breed project management courses, Ram Education can deliver.
You won’t get junior trainers or second rate content.

And we commit to what we promise with a 100% money-back-guarantee.


Faster learning for faster results
Cycle-9-square.jpgRam Education training is based
on a simple but powerful
agile approach
– our proprietary Cycle 9 System.

Cycle 9’s agile philosophy cuts through the confusion and arms you with the skills, tools and confidence to take control of even the most challenging projects from day one.

Relevant, engaging, content
Relevant-engaging-content.jpgDelivered in plain English, diagram-rich and jargon-light. With case studies tackling the messy problems that occur
in real world projects.

All designed to make what can be a complex subject easy to understand and apply.

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Solutions to your project problems
Solutions-to-problems.jpgOur experienced PMP® Certified trainers are ready to help you, with experience tackling every kind of project challenge (and disaster!) you can image.

The Ram Education result

Faster learning – Quicker start-up – Consistent execution – Lower blood pressure all around.
And, above all – better on-time project delivery.

But don’t take our word for it:
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Short, sharp and straight to the point

Photo-mtwain.jpg“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”
– Mark Twain

Sound familiar when you’re faced with 1,000 pages of training material?

We did spend the time – making our courses short, sharp and straight to the point, without losing any of the detail.

The end result?
Maximum learning in minimum time.

Why not give us a go?
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Give our expert consultants a call on 02 8305 2114 so we can immediately provide you with specific, comprehensive answers to your questions.

1. Should I attend the 1 day fast track basics OR 2 day fundamentals?
We recommend the 1 day fast track basics course if you are a project team member or managing projects under $80K (budget). For projects over $80K, you should attend the 2 day fundamentals.
View learning pathway.

2. Is this course accredited?
This course is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide.

3. Will I receive contact hours/PDUs?
Yes. This course provides you with 7 contact hours/PDUs, contributing to prerequisites for more advanced courses and Certifications. View learning pathway.

4. What should I bring to the course?
Bring a notepad and pens, you do not need a laptop. Lunch and refreshments are included.

5. How does this course fit into a learning pathway to enhance my career?
If you’re involved in projects and keen to learn more, this course is the ideal foundation for everything to follow. View learning pathway.

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