Customised: Tailored, in-house courses

Customised: Tailored, in-house courses
Highly relevant and built precisely to your needs.
Get everyone up to speed fast, with courses tailored to your industry, culture and unique project challenges.
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Photo-apozniak.jpg “The key differentiator is that Ram Education deeply understood our
work culture and business needs.”
– Adam Pozniak, Channel Director, Dimension Data Cloud Solutions

If you’re looking for training which is highly relevant to your industry and organisational culture
– Ram Education is the right place to start.

We can get your organisation up to speed fast with courses tailored precisely to your needs.

  • Highly relevant training – specific to your industry and organisational culture
  • Consistent project execution – everyone speaking the same language
  • Faster results – relevant case studies mapping theory directly into practice

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Our project management consultants and educational designers have decades of experience customising training across a wide range of industries – from information technology and mass media, to pharmaceuticals and not-for-profit.

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Train your team

If getting your projects delivered on time, on budget and without nasty surprises seems a never-ending struggle – you’re not alone.

Grattan Institute’s 2011 report “Australia’s Productivity Challenge” confirms that productivity has deteriorated. One significant factor: inefficiency in organising and executing projects, leading to wasted effort, unnecessary re-work and poor staff motivation.

Why not train your team to manage all your projects like the pros?

For every large project, professionally managed, you probably have 10 smaller ones on the go. Projects headed up by those “occasional” project managers. And more often than not, destined to veer dangerously out of control.

For example, most operational staff spend 30% of their time managing projects – without any formal training in how to efficiently organise and execute them.

How to get your team up to speed fast:
  • Send your staff to one of our courses
  • Organise a customised course, tailored to your specific needs. Enquire here.
  • Give executive management a 45 minute, top line briefing on project leadership
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